Shwetank Singh

Full Stack Engineer

About Me

Hi! I am Shwetank Singh.

Currently living in Bengaluru, India - where I work as a Senior Full Stack Engineer at Edvolve

I code for a living. Feel free to reach out for help and collaboration.

Also, fond of photography, travelling, cooking and watching movies/tv shows.



First school for practical education.


It's an end to end relocation platform, where you need to book source and destination location from where we take charge to book your stay and let your goods arrive safely.

PepperCloud CRM

F&B CRM. Development of CRM along with wrting test cases, implementing git hooks and designing of the UI in the early stages.


Project Management System. Worked on the implementation of File Upload(Google Drive, S3 etc.) and other modules


Gym, Salon/Spa searching portal. Worked on the implementation of the current design. Currently, product is deprecated.


Gym Management Software. Worked on some of the modules. Currently, product is deprecated.

Github Search

Project made with the help of ReactJs, which used to search github repository, user, projects and show their details.

Profile Theme

A profile theme for developers to show off their skills. Made with the help of CSS and JS hosted on Heroku.


It's an android app used to give the history of user's location if it's phone is out of network. The user also has the authority to check who's asking for location and whether to give it or not. Developed the API for it. Made in Jaipur AngelHack 2017.


It’s an android app used to collect all the notification and put under one container without letting the user know about the notification. The user can set categories and can set which application notification to be fetched.


Android App made within 48 hours in the hackathon. It’s an online real-time gaming application used to teach English to people who know their regional languages.